About Me

Dear Reader, Welcome! 😊

The World is beautiful, and I want to share my inspiration – the inspiration of my heart – with you. 💖

Originally from Minsk, Belarus, I moved to Denmark some years ago to live here with my husband.

Today I compose music and make videos, write stories and sometimes also poetry. Photography is a passionate hobby, and I very often create stories inspired by the photos of my friends. You can visit them by clicking on the pictures; they will be delighted to see you! 😊

I also teach the piano in my spare time… 😉

I am so happy to see you here! And you are also most welcome to visit my YouTube channel… 😉 Click here. Or maybe you are curious about my photography? Please, let me show you my gallery on Flickr! 📸 Click here.

To contact me for cooperation, creative events, or other inquiries or questions, please write to me. I have a Contact page here on the blog… but I also read my email! 😃 elena.voroniouk@gmail.com

You can buy most of my music on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Bandcamp, and other leading stores. 🎶 Write to me if you are missing something 🙂 … Click here.

If you want to thank the artist and support her, please … Click here 🌹

There is so much beauty on Earth and in the Universe. Sometimes it can be challenging or sad. Sometimes it is glad and happy. Sometimes dreaming and magical. All of it we need. All of it makes us whole, makes us feel alive.

I want to understand this beauty, to feel it deep in my soul, to share it. Because it holds all meanings for me. And because I cannot do otherwise. When you are creative, the world explodes in colours and nuances, calling for you, waiting for you. Exciting. Glittering! And you cannot resist. And then, you become a part of it – and it will change you forever. You see so much more beauty around you, and it makes you smile…

I hope that my creative works can bring a part of that beauty into your heart, into your soul. Into your life. 😊

Like the blog? Let me know what you think! :)

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