Artist for Hire!

I compose music and make videos, often based on my own photography, write stories and poetry. 🙂

I make therapeutic videos, for use in clinics, to relax patients and help them to be well. 🙂

I would also love to arrange creative live events! Truly inclusive and unique experiences, where the guests can participate as much as they want!
Imagine… a fairy-tale is born, unfolding in front of your eyes! You can feel it, breathe it, live it!

If you would like to surprise your loved ones, I can compose high-quality movies based on your own or my photography and with either your or my own music. Samples for this are available on my YouTube channel 🙂

And lastly – I can do beautiful advertising videos, for example for travel or tourist bureaus and hotels. 😉

Phone: +45 2674 2385

2 thoughts on “Artist for Hire!

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