I have a dream … 💖

… To bring something new and beautiful into the World! To inspire other people to be creative! To help people be well and happy!

In my dream I imagine that my music, stories, photos and videos, will be enjoyed and bring something good to you. But even more than that, I really hope that I will have a chance to open the door for wonder and faerie tales to enter your life!

Imagine a place, a hotel maybe, where people can experience the wonder and beauty of creativity. Where they can mingle with creative artists of all kinds – photographers, poets, composers, writers, painters… Be inspired by them, grow their own creativity, and share experiences.

Sometimes there, a new faerie tale will be born. In my vision I see the tale unfold slowly, with the whole atmosphere of the place – the lights and setting, dresses, food, music and dances – all has been set up to enable the faerie tale to develop right there, live amongst the guests. People can freely interact with the story, partake in it as they wish, and be part of it.

At the same time, this is a place where people can relax and meditate. I see a large room with sparkling crystals in many colours, fountains playing over the glittering surface, with gentle music from hidden speakers, and pathways through green areas where grow beautiful flowers and plants. A place where you can let your mind roam in peace.

And when people come home again, they will be filled with wonder and beautiful experiences, truly lasting memories which will open the door to inspiration and creativity for them.

I really hope that my dream may gain attention so that together we can make it happen! 😊

Creative people can create a better world!

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