Lava Flower

He stopped at the sweet stalls, finding what he was looking for. The saleswoman, a charming and affable girl, wrapped the jar of fragrant honey he had bought in thick paper. But when she was about to give the goods away, she suddenly look thoughtfully him and smiled mysteriously. Then, taking out a small copper box from her pocket, she gave it to him along with the honey.

abstract fractal background, texture by Natalya Yudina on  

“As a present,” she said in a melodious, gentle voice, “in addition to the honey.”

“Thank you very much,” he replied, looking in surprise at the strange triangular diagram on the gift lid. He was just about to peer inside…

“Oh! It would be better if you open it indoors,” she stopped him, “so that the wind does not pick up the contents. The lightest pollen of magical lava flowers growing in the crater of a dragon volcano. They are very fine, and …”

abstract fractal background by Natalya Yudina on  

Arriving home, he carefully opened the box. But, it was completely empty. Frustrated, he felt inside it with his fingers… and, to his greatest amazement, sensed something like airy flour deep within.

Burning with curiosity, he made tea in a white cup and added a pinch of the invisible pollen, just as the mysterious saleswoman had advised him. For a few seconds nothing happened. But then, unexpectedly, the white porcelain began to acquire a burgundy color. And then, beautiful flowers, shining with molten gold, began to emerge. As if hypnotized, he looked at their wave-like movements…

Be Drunk On LIGHT- MM - Theme-Ceramics

“There is energy from the very depths of the Earth in this pollen!” She said told him enthusiastically at the end, her eyes shining like stars. “A force that makes it possible to penetrate even beyond the veil of this world!”

 by Darya Volskaya on  

He had smiled at her.

Story: Elena Voroniouk © 2019, all rights reserved.

Photography (in order of appearance):
Natalya Yudina – “abstract fractal background” (golden)
Natalya Yudina – “abstract fractal background” (scarlet)
Darya Volskaya – (untitled)
Praṇav – Let there be….. LIGHT! – “Be Drunk On LIGHT”

Manuel de Falla – “Nights in the Gardens of Spain”

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7 thoughts on “Lava Flower

  1. Buenas noches dear Elena!
    Que bien se te da contarnos historias, que bien sabes elegir las fotos y la musica para acompañarlas! Una combinaciòn de elementos con los que consigues un bello y cuidado trabajo.

    Saludos Elena, feliz semana!:):)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. Dear Nines! Buenas noches, mi amiga! 😍
      I put a lot of effort into my work and I am truly happy that you see it and appreciate it! 🌷
      And yes, the evening is just wonderful – for I was looking at your most gentle and beautiful photo for a while, and now I am smiling all over after reading your wonderful comment again! 🥰
      Saludos Nines, feliz semana! 🌈☀️💝

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  2. Dear Elena,

    I was tonight at my garden where your lava flower opened my delight.
    I love the story. And I love the video Manuel de Falla
    This is my favorite


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