Last night he had had a strange and wonderful dream … One of those dreams which seem so real they become like a true memory when you wake up from them. But surely, this was but a dream …

Mass ascention at Balloon Fiesta

He was walking along the bank of a large peaceful river. It’s waves glittering enchantingly in the Sun. As he passed around a bend, he met a cute little girl. She was sitting right next to the water and gazing intently at something, which … He rubbed his eyes and had to look again. Yes, it seemed actually to float in the air right in front of her!

Walking up to her, he asked in wonder, “Who are you?”

The girl turned and looked up at him, smiling playfully. A young child with a thin, elfin face. Her voice mingled strangely with sounds of the river, and he thought at first he had misheard her when she answered: “I am the Fairy of Happiness.”

Potential energy by Vicente Concha on

“Oh!” He exclaimed.

The fairy laughed merrily and flew into the air on her transparent, iridescent wings. Then she cupped her hands and scooped up water from the river with one of them while holding the other aloft towards the Sun. For a moment, it seemed the Sun grew so bright it actually shone through her hand, and then – it filled with light. Putting her hands together again, the fairy blew into them. A beautiful rainbow played in the air.

Rainbow romance (Regenbogen Romanze)

The girl clapped her hands and, turning to the man, asked: “Do you like it?”

“Very!” He replied admiringly, while a part of him wondered at how he could take all this in stride. Surely, fairies did not actually exist?

“With a rainbow, everything is simple, but with people … Oh, it’s so much more difficult!” said the fairy sincerely, and sighed softly. Then she returned to the shore, sat next to the man and continued. “To make a person happy, I must connect the Light of Love, coming from the centre of his Soul, with the Cube of Emotions.”

“The cube of emotions?” he asked, looking at that which bobbed gently in the air in front of them. To his wondering gaze, it looked strangely like a toy he had played with for hours on end, during his childhood.

“The essence of rainbow feelings coming from the depth of his heart.”

“A … Rubik’s cube of emotions?” He repeated in surprise.

May You Have A Colourful Mind - MM - Theme-Puzzle

“Yes, look!” She answered enthusiastically. “Blue is longing and dream. Yellow, affection and kindness. Orange is admiration and inspiration, and red – passion and desire…”

“And green is the colour of all those feelings that make every cell in you vibrate with the beauty of life!” He finished with enthusiasm.

She smiled and nodded: “Only now, we need these feelings to be harmonious and balanced, and for that, it is necessary to somehow shift and fold the cube into harmony.”

He looked at the cube for a moment, remembering again the feeling of accomplishment, of rightness, which he had felt on solving it.

“And on whose happiness are we going to work now?” The man asked with curiosity after a thoughtful pause.

She laughed happily. Then she bent over and put her hand to his ear, and whispered softly “…”

Resplandor rosa! by NINES Salvador on


Written by Elena Voroniouk © 2020, all rights reserved.
Edited and translated from Russian by Ruben Mannstaedt.

To read the story in Russian, please click here.

Photography (in order of appearance)
“Mass ascention at Balloon Fiesta” by  Oleg S
“Rainbow romance (Regenbogen Romanze)” by Peter Schmidtchen
“May You Have A Colourful Mind” by Praṇav – Let there be….. LIGHT!
“Resplandor rosa!” by NINES Salvador

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8 thoughts on “RUBIK’s CUBE OF HAPPINESS

    1. Thank you so much! 😃 It’s such a pleasure to receive feedback from you, dear Anjali! 💖
      A peaceful and joyful week for you and your wonderful family! May your light-filled experiences and thoughts change the world for the better.


  1. Hola Elena
    En estos tiempos dificiles siempre reconforta encontrar fantasia, delicadeza y esperanza. Siempre es necesario reconfortar sentimientos, y eso lo haces tu con este cuento. Cuidate y sigue con tu positividad y fantasia. Hasta pronto. Vicente.

    Hello Elena
    In these difficult times it is always comforting to find fantasy, delicacy and hope. It is always necessary to comfort feelings, and you do that with this story. Take care of yourself and continue with your positivity and fantasy. See you soon. Vicente.

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    1. Hello dear Vicente❣️
      It is always such joy and excitement to receive a comment from you. 😃
      Your photography are both art and inspiration and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to use them in my work. 🙏
      Good weeks to you and your loved ones, filled with only the most beautiful and wonderful experiences. 🌈☀️


  2. My sincere pleasure, I loved your last story too string of destiny. But I think I forgot to write to you regarding that. Thank you for lovely wishes dear Elena, Enjoy your Christmas holidays. Lot’s of love and happiness 😀❤️.

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