Snow Flower – a short story

She was very beautiful and stylish, and people called her “Snow Queen” because of her cold heart. She loved flowers and snow. And when he asked her, what she would wish for, as a gift. She told him, “A snow flower.”

He tried to find that flower everywhere, but no matter where he looked or how far he travelled there was no such thing.

At last, he went to a magician in a dark tower by the coast, asking for help.

“It does not exist,” the old mage told him, “except in dreams – and in magic. But I can use my arts to turn you into one if you would truly wish for her to have this gift from you.”

So the queen got her flower. But she never saw the young man again…

Once in the Middle ...
“Once in the Middle…” by Herbert Pregel
(Click the photo to open it in Flickr and view it in full resolution)

Story: Elena Voroniouk © 2018, all rights reserved.
Photography: Herbert Pregel

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