Enchanted Prince & Riding Hood

Dear Reader,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 💖✨

May you always be vigorous and healthy and your soul shine with Light. May your mind always be clear and your heart loving. And may the road of your life be long and beautiful, filled with deep meaning and the most amazing and wonderful experiences and events!

And thus, as the season bids – two magical surprises! A new fairytale, illustrated with inspiring photographs by my friends. And a new therapeutic, meditative musical creation – “Magic Lake”!

Enjoy your reading, viewing and listening! :))

And as always – if you are interested in other works of the presented photographers, then you can go to their sites by clicking on the photo of your interest. Or simply find them in the “Attribution” section (below).

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The squirrel

A beautiful squirrel was sitting on the edge of a bench. In truth, though, she was not a squirrel but a real fairy from an outlandish forest. She had to pass a difficult exam on magic, and so she had come here to practice.

Old book

Whiskers all askew with worry, the young fairy reviewed the required steps in her mind… First, turn herself into a forest squirrel. OK, done that. Next, swish the tail to the right, and then a fairytale door will open. Check quickly that everything is all right inside, and then swish the tail again – left, of course! – to close the door…

The exam was supposed to begin in an hour and Lisa, that was the name of our heroine, decided to rehearse in advance, carefully opening and then closing the doors of various fairytales with her diligent tail. But then, quite unfortunately, someone treated Lisa with a fragrant, freshly baked home-made cake. And the fairy just loved this delicacy! Inadvertently, unbeknownst to herself, she waved her tail while she ate… and only when she was finished did she realize with horror that the doors to several of the tales had opened!

Lock your blues away

Looking inside, Lisa was even more frightened because, from one of the fairy tales, a wolf had disappeared. It was supposed to be chasing Little Red Riding Hood, but now it was nowhere in sight! Fortunately, the fairy found him quickly enough, just inside the door of one of the tales opposite. Returning the wolf to its place, Lisa breathed a sigh of relief…

But the thing was, that in the hurry the little fairy has placed the wrong wolf into the Little Red Riding Hood fairytale. A wolf, indeed, from a completely different story…

And this story was about an enchanted prince who once refused a witch. The witch was a charming beauty who could make almost anyone fall in love with her. But she wanted the prince.

DSC04024-I see you in 2017 (Happy NEW YEAR to all friends)

And so, enraged at his refusal, she cast a powerful curse: stealing a beautiful fountain pen from a water elf, she wove a spell of irresistible and exquisite decorations on it. And into the point, she bound with hidden weavings the howls of a lone wolf and the wind of a cruel November. She smiled to herself, wicked and sweet, as she looked at the result of that work. Prestigious and beautiful it was, with precious stones which sparkled with a cold light, almost as if filled with a life of their own…

The Fountain Of LIGHT - MM - Theme-Lid

She gave it to the prince as a gift. And he liked it so much that he began to carry it always in his breast pocket. And thus, every day, the influence of the pen penetrated deeper into the heart of the young man and did its dirty deed. The prince’s appearance began to resemble that of a wolf, and gloomy November settled irrevocably in his heart. It seemed that nothing and no one could save the prince and warm his heart, weathered by cold as it were.

portrait with chains

But then, unexpectedly – whether by fate or by sheer happenstance – one charming and not very responsible fairy transferred him to someone else’s fairy tale…

Lisa’s classmate, Andrei, watched the door to the examination room with nervous trepidation, his splendid whiskers twitching as he jumped from branch to branch. “What is taking her so long?” He wondered. But finally, after what seemed like an eternity and half, the door opened and Lisa came out to meet him.

Well, hello!

Jumping swiftly to her side, he took her paw in his. “How did it go, Lisa? It went well?”

Blinking for a moment, Lisa shook her head and then looked back at him. Something strange passed through her eyes, and then she suddenly grinned with mischief. “I passed! I actually passed!”

With a laugh of relief, Andrei hugged her tightly, “Of course, you did! I always knew you had it in you! You…”

“… mixed up two tales – and created a whole new one!” she added, before he could finish.

“You… What?” Andrei was shocked speechless for a moment. But then he gathered his thoughts and suggested, “Let’s take a deep breath and calm down. And at home you will tell me everything from the beginning, okay?”

… They turned back into their proper fairy forms right before the bridge in their kingdom and, holding hands, passed smiling into their beautiful magical world…

“When it became clear that the other wolf fell into the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood, I was ready to fall through the ground with shame,” the girl confided to her faithful friend. “I thought they would break off the examination then and there! But unexpectedly, one of the examiners asked me to continue the plot of this new story!” Jumping up on a nearby tree stump in excitement, Lisa spread her arms and began the storytelling, visions and scenes from the story world appearing in the air in front of her, as she wove the tale…

Deep in thought, the prince walked slowly through his beloved forest. It was the one place where he could still feel a little peace, away from the incessant politics and plottings of life at the court…

But suddenly, as he walked there, he felt strangely dizzy and the forest seemed to tilt and shift for a moment. Missing a step, he almost fell, then shook his head and looked up.

vivid season

He had lost the path.

“I guess I got lost in my thoughts and went further than usual,” he thought bemused, looking around.

As he considered how he had managed to get himself lost in the forest, the sudden patter of quick steps made him turn around again. A young girl, clad in a red cloak and riding hood, ran out into the clearing where he stood. She stopped abrubtly as she saw him, and he saw dismay and fear on her face.


“Excuse me, I didn’t mean to scare you,” the prince said politely.

“No! You… Oh, please – it’s just that a terrible huge wolf was chasing me, and for a moment it seemed to me that you were it!”

Undivided attention

“Yes, I sometimes make such an impression,” the prince answered with a bitter grin. “But if you want, then I can certainly escort you,” he added, noting with concern the deep rents in her beautiful dress. “Did the wolf make those?”

Deeply shaken, the girl looked down at the damage to her clothes. “Oh! I didn’t notice! So close!”

“Stay close, and I promise you, no harm will befall you,” the prince reassured her.

“Sir, I will be so grateful to you!” Little Red Riding Hood replied with a sigh of relief. “It’s not very far down the path into the depths of the forest…”

The prince kept a close watch for any straying wolves as they chatted lightly on their way through the forest. But despite the deep shadows, the forest seemed quiet and peaceful. And after a little while, they reached an open, sunlit glade where they found a well-kept old house with a thatched roof and a bed of flowers by the front door.

A kindly-looking elderly woman came out to meet them, smiled broadly and exclaimed joyfully, “What a wonderful surprise! Welcome, dear guests!”

The Prince politely bowed to the woman and, turning to the girl, was about to say goodbye. But Little Red Riding Hood stopped him with a smile. “You have so helped me out, Your Majesty! Please allow me to invite you to dinner.”

While preparing tea, Little Red Riding Hood took a beautiful multi-coloured bottle from a high shelf and the last drops of a wonderful elixir fell into the cup. Then she carried the warm drink to the young man and asked him to please rest for a while as she helped out her grandmother in the kitchen.

Juego de colores. by NINES Salvador on 500px.com  

The prince was not usually fond of drinking tea, but the girl had seemed so enthusiastic about it – and besides, he was curious about the taste of the freshly picked wild strawberries and the “life-giving waters of a magical lake” which she claimed it contained.

hyacinth... by antoninakuznetskaja on 500px.com  

“Magical lake?” he had asked then.

“Yes, deep into the old forest,” she answered, and seemed about to turn away. But then, a moment later, she smiled again and explained, “Once, my grandmother and I sold blueberries in the market and a poorly dressed wanderer passed us by. I decided to treat him with berries. He was very happy and in return, he gave me a bottle of elixir. He told me that was made on water from a magical lake and that if you add just a couple of drops of it to tea, you will be cheerful and healthy! And he said,” the girl continued dreamily, “that the place where this lake is, is incredibly beautiful and that it has its own melody. To those who hear it, great secrets of existence will be revealed… But,” she added in a quiet whisper, “you can hear it only with an open heart…”

Sitting in a cosy pavilion and looking out at the magnificence of the flowering garden, the young man sipped the aromatic tea from the delicate porcelain cup. As he closed his eyes, transparent, blue-golden streams of water appeared before his inner gaze. Gradually the trickles turned into graceful strings, and his consciousness went somewhere far away…

Light and water

As if in a dream, the prince discovered himself walking along the shore of a beautiful, fabulous lake. Everything here shone in the gentle rays of the sun and amazing music sounded in the air…

The most beautiful outlandish flowers abounded by its shore, drops of precious nectar falling slowly into the sparkling water. With each step, the young man felt the silken touch of water and melody washing away all his sorrows and filling him with an unlimited sense of love and harmony and happiness…

Hot Summer Night ... by Herbert Pregel on 500px.com  

When he opened his eyes again, at last, he saw that it was already evening and Little Red Riding Hood was coming over to meet him.

“Dinner is ready, Your Majesty, if you please?” She asked politely.

“With pleasure!” He answered, smiling.

The prince stood up cheerfully and grabbed his jacket from the bench. And as he did so, the enchanted pen fell out of the breast pocket right under his feet, and he accidentally stepped on it. There was a slight crunch, but he did not notice it, for all his attention was focused on the pretty girl next to him…

"How my soul longs to soar" ~ © Heather King

“And that is the end of the tale!” – the fairy finished her story.

“No, what are you doing, Lisa? How can you finish the story in this place?!” exclaimed the impatient listener. “Without even letting me know what will happen to Little Red Riding Hood later on? What if she was really scratched by the wolf and turns into a werewolf when the full moon comes?”

The delicate border between dream and reality

“Of course, my dear,” the newly-fledged storyteller answered, smiling mysteriously. “There will be many trials in their life. Otherwise, it would be quite uninteresting, wouldn’t it? Only, in the end, I firmly believe that they will be happy together because love is stronger than evil! And I want this story to be like a beautiful tree, where everyone comes up with a continuation branch at their own behest…”

Andrei looked at his girlfriend with admiration for a long time, and then in one of his hands appeared a scented red rose scintillating with dewdrops, and in the other an exquisite small velvet box.

During my second year of nursing school our professor gave us a quiz. I breezed through the questions until I read the last one: "What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?" Surely this was a joke....

“When love is burning in the hearts!” He said fervently and, going down on one knee, offered it to her.

Lisa inhaled the sweet aroma and laughed like the ringing of tender bells. Then she opened the box and gasped with delight… There lay a golden ring with a bright fiery garnet in the shape of a heart. She put the jewellery on her finger and it shone even brighter.

“When love is burning in the hearts!” She repeated, thrilled to the depth of her being, the words of her lover, and kissed him.

When heart is on fire

For a Russian version, please click here! 

Story, Video & Music: Elena Voroniouk © 2019, all rights reserved.

Photography (in order of appearance):
Vladimir Tro “The Squirrel”
ironic dream “Old book”
ironic dream “Lock your blues away”
Peter Schmidtchen “I see you in 2017”
Praṇav – Let there be….. LIGHT “The Fountain Of LIGHT”
Lyudmila Izmaylova “portrait with chains”
ironic dream “Well, hello!”
Larisa Koshkina “Bridge Golden Light”
Larisa Koshkina “Fairy Tale Forest Tree Stump”
Sergey Ponomarev “vivid season”
Tomas Ljunggren “Beauty in Red”
owl queen “Undivided Attention”
Vincent Ciro “Cottage Rural House”
NINES Salvador “Juego de colores”
antoninakuznetskaja “hyacinth…”
Jean Labuschagne
Cami mire “Light and water”
Cami mire “The delicate border between dream and reality
Larisa Koshkina “Background Wallpaper Fairy” ~ as Video ~
Herbert Pregel “Hot Summer Night…”
owl queen “How my soul longs to soar”
ira tucker “…name of the woman…”
ironic dream “When heart is on fire”

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    Un bello cuento de hadas, un bello regalo de Navidad! Sì disfrutar leyendo, viendo y escuchando!!:)

    VIVA la creatividad!!!!!!:):):);)

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    1. Dear Nines! How much Light you let into the world – light and joy and warmth and love and just all-round glowing happiness! 🙂 🙂 🙂
      VIVA la creatividad!!!!!!:):):);) my wonderful and dear friend – for you are indeed a most inspiring artist and it is a joy to visit and view your works! 🙂 🙂 🙂
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    1. Dear Deeksha, thank you so much!! The seeds of imagination are all around us. 🙂 I draw great inspiration from nature – and my inspiring friends! 🙂 It does take me a lot of time and effort to make them flower and bloom though 😉 And I am so happy that you think well of the result! 🙂 🙂
      With warm greetings and best wishes to you too, my friend, and your close ones! 🌼☀️

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  2. Wow! What a beautiful fairy tale with fantastic characterization! It is so nice to see all these stunning photos beautifully blended with the story. I would love to share this post with my family & friends. 🙂
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Wishing you & your family a fabulous New Year! 🙂

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    1. Hi Megala! I came back to this grey-dark-cold-windy weather in Denmark, after a completely dreamlike vacation in beautiful and sunny Tenerife. And then … I read your wonderful comment – and it kindled the exact same feeling of warmth and sunshine in my heart, as I had just experienced at my vacation!!
      Thank you so much, dear Megala! Reading your lovely comment was a real pleasure! 🙂 🙂
      Wishing you a great week ahead, full of happy surprises and warm smiles! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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