Blessings of the Forest Spirits ✨

Dedicated to my dear mother- and father-in-law at their Diamond Anniversary 💝

It was a mild and sunny day. The wind was light and fresh, and an exquisite, spicy aroma was in the air.

Autumn …

A couple walked hand in hand through the woods. The leaves rustled under their feet, a softly singing melody of fall. The man and woman smiled. The whole world around them shone and shimmered with golden colours and shades, and it seemed to them that they were in some amazing fairy tale which maybe, just maybe, might even be for real …

At this very time, as it happened, four forest spirits flew by. They were each responsible for a particular season and were just then travelling to the Autumn Court. Suddenly one of the spirits, dressed in airy white robes, stopped and exclaimed in a voice like crystal bells, “Oh, what a winter!”

The other three spirits looked at her in bewilderment.

“Such pure sparkling joy on their faces, like shining snow on a frosty clear day!” she explained, pointing in the direction of the people.

“Yes,” the other spirits confirmed with admiration, after looking closely at the couple, “really, a very beautiful winter!”

“And I see spring…” the second spirit gently murmured after a while, his voice deep and melodic like the hum of bees on a warm spring day. Placing his hand above his heart, he sighed, “Spring so vigorous, yet gentle and beautiful!” And the blooming flowers decorating his head swayed and bowed in unison with his words.

Carried away by their survey of the couple, the spirits approached them.

And then the third spirit, in a magnificent green dress, loudly exclaimed: “Ah, what a wonderful summer! The celebration of life it is, to look at them!”

But the last spirit remained silent. Deep in thought, he hung his multi-coloured basket on a twig, sank smoothly to the ground in front of the couple and observed them for a long time… “And yet the most beautiful thing about them is autumn …” he finally said, eyes deep and dark with emotion. “Look at the lines on their faces! What a wealth of emotions they reflect! Truly, only the gifts of autumn can manifest them!”

Then he flew up and took an apple from his basket. Grasping the fruit in his hands, the spirit whispered a spell. When he opened his palms again, the apple had transformed into a shower of glowing, white sparks. He nodded to his companions. In joyful excitement, the spirits raised their hands together to the sky in blessing:
“Health and wellness, good luck and success!” they sang out in unison and lowered their hands to the sparks, which flared up into amber in response and began to slowly rotate.

The spirits raised their hands again with a call:
“Gratitude and joy, peace and harmony!”
The sparks shone brighter and swirled faster, shimmering with golden hues.

And for the third time, the spirits raised their hands to the sky:
“Beauty and inspiration, love and happiness!”
And with those words, the tiny stars evolved into a galaxy of the most fantastic rainbow colours!

Solemnly and carefully, the spirits wrapped the man and woman with a magical, starry veil, healing and renewing them, protecting and guiding them, illuminating their beautiful path.

People can neither see nor hear spirits. And yet, for some reason, the couple stood there for a long while. Looking up at the tops of mighty trees, majestically swaying their colourful crowns above them, at the dancing swirling leaves smoothly sliding through the air. And in their minds, a shared thought: “What a magnificent day today, amazing and extraordinary!”

“The winds of time will blow away the leaves,” the spirit of autumn said reverently, “but the love of their united souls will only grow stronger, endow us with its beauty and bring the meaning of life and happiness into this world!”

It was indeed a beautiful day.


Story written by Elena Voroniouk © 2022, all rights reserved.
Music and video by Elena Voroniouk © 2022 all rights reserved.
Editing: Ruben Mannstaedt.

To read the story in Russian, please click here.

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3 thoughts on “Blessings of the Forest Spirits ✨

  1. Dear Elena. Diamond Wedding!!!! What a wonderful course. Thank you for sharing through this text your sensitivity, your tenderness and your admiration, sublimated by your excellent composition, in order to honor and celebrate the love that unites this couple. I wish long life to you and your loved ones. Good week

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, my friend! I was most happy to receive such effervescent praise! 🙂 It warms both heart and soul, and we wish for you and your loved ones health and joy and a most beautiful life! 💖🤗


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