A Cup of Tea

Would you like a cup of tea?

Imagine that you can choose how your body looks like. Just as you can choose what kind of cup you would like, for your cup of tea. You would probably say, “Nonsense!”
And I would answer you, “It is actually possible. Not now, of course, but in the future.”

Would you like a cup of tea?
“Would you like a cup of tea?” by snowshoe hare*

But would it make us happy, to be able to do that?
I don’t think so. Oh, of course it would be wonderful – but our happiness, I believe, depends more upon our feelings and thoughts. And this is why I want to invite you to a cup of tea… 🙂

Brew or order a cup of aromatic, fresh, herbal tea. Find a quiet, cosy place for yourself. Maybe you will just sit on the comfortable sofa and look at the photos shared by your friends. Or perhaps you will be sitting in the middle of the city, in a cafe, while life is bustling happily around you. Or you may find a beautiful place in nature… But whatever place you are, take a deep breath and relax…

Imagine the wind soughing and waving the plants… A little seed is dancing in the air… Sunlight playing in patterns around you while you’re watching the bees gathering nectar from the flowers… And with each and every moment your worries seem more and more distant…

lovely visitor
“lovely visitor” by snowshoe hare*

As you breathe and drink the tea, the beauty of life itself fills your body and spirit. Connecting you with the whole world, making you complete…

It’s magic, of a kind. And trust me, the most wonderful things will happen to you, with time. Just do this, every day, for 10 minutes…

Believe in it. 🙂


Text: Elena Voroniouk © 2019, all rights reserved.
Photography:  snowshoe hare*

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I compose music & make videos, often based on my own photography, and write stories & poetry. 🌈☀️ High-quality versions of my films are available for download and use at your home, office or workplace. Some of them are even free. 😊 I also make enchanting films about beautiful places for marketing purposes. 😉 And if you want to cooperate on creative events, I will be happy to hear from you! 🤗💖

7 thoughts on “A Cup of Tea

  1. Always happy to go and have a cup of tea with you, Elena, even in the virtual sense.
    I will go and put the kettle on now.
    You are right too, about slowing down and taking the time to connect with or surroundings and be present!! It is very healing!

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  2. Dear Elena,
    I was so surprised to see my photos in your blog. I didn’t expect that and feel greatly honored. My photos look much nicer with your wonderful words.:-) Thank you so much for your kindness!
    snowshoe hare

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Snowshoe,
      The magic is that your wonderful photos awakes feelings and thoughts and, I think, they enhance each other. 🙂 🙂 Without your amazing photography, this would not be possible.

      I am thankful and honoured to use your art, my dear friend – and truly delighted to see your beautiful comment here! 🙂 🙂

      With great appreciation and best wishes! 💖


  3. I think it is much better to come to peace with the bodies we have and not dream of improving them. And tea, yes, it does help coming to peace with anything 🙂

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    1. Dear Oleg,
      I totally agree with you! Though except – it may depend on the tea. I have a very weird rhubarb-roiboos thing which is … ahem … not quite peaceful! 😀
      Thank you so much, my friend! May your tea prove truly relaxing and your weekend beautiful and peaceful! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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