Nestled on a narrow strip of land between two lakes the house stood on the very shores of both. Trees, mountains and skies reflected in their peaceful crystal waters.

In the morning, the splendour of the rising sun mirrored like liquid gold in the lake to the East. And in the evening the light of the setting sun would move and wreathe like living fire upon the gentle waves of the lake to the West. Indeed, the beauty of that place cannot be described in words, for it was like an amazing fairy tale…

Return to Yggdrasill by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on  

One day, walking deep into the forest looking for berries and mushrooms for his mother, the boy met a funny squirrel.

Nuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

The boy spent all afternoon chasing after it and playing with it, quite forgetting his intention to gather anything at all. And in the evening, it followed him back home almost right to the house. And from that time began their friendship and whenever the boy ventured out into the forest, he would look for his friend…

Favorite Spot

Time went by, and then, one day, his dad was given a new job, and his parents decided that it would be better for the family to move to the city…

Sitting on a stump, the boy stroked the silken fur of his friend and wept bitterly: “How can I live without you?” he would say through sobs in his voice. “You are my only true friend!”

Eye See

Suddenly a beautiful butterfly, sitting on a flower nearby, opened its wings and turned into a small forest fairy.

Azul plateada. by NINES Salvador on  

The boy and the squirrel froze in surprise because they had never seen a real, magical fairy girl before!

Magical illusion by Vicente Concha on  

However, before they could do anything or say anything, the fairy flew over to them and touched the chest of the boy with a corner of her palm. And then she did the same with the squirrel. Smiling, the fairy took off and hovered over the heads of friends.

As the rays of evening sunlight penetrated the foliage above, the fairy reached for some of the golden rays and began to weave them together. Then she made mysterious passes in the direction of the lake, and the glittering droplets of the lake started to play like diamonds in the solar threads of its creation…

By the time the work was completed, the fairy had a beautiful ball of gently shimmering light in her hands. With a slight bow, the fairy solemnly said, “This is a gift. Now, you can always be together!”

Shadows by Gary Metcalf on  

Looking at the mysterious sparkling object with admiration and hope, the boy stammered, “Your … magic ball … is very beautiful, but … how can it help us?”

To which the fairy smiled radiantly and gently replied, “Put this ball in the most secluded place in your room. And when you and the squirrel begin to miss each other, the lamp will brightly shine, as if by itself. Then close your eyes and call to your friend in your mind. Space and time will part before you, connecting your hearts.”

Écureuil roux portrait

With tears in his eyes, deeply touched, the boy carefully took the ball into his own hands and bowed to her, unable to utter a word …

“The magic here is really not mine, but yours… After all, only true friendship makes this magic possible.” The words echoed in his heart, as the fairy disappeared into thin air.



Story: Elena Voroniouk © 2019, all rights reserved.

Photography (in order of appearance):
Return to Yggdrasill by Ole Henrik Skjelstad
Nuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner by ironic dream
Favorite Spot by ironic dream
Eye See by George F
Azul plateada by NINES Salvador
Magical illusion by Vicente Concha
Shadows by Gary Metcalf
Écureuil roux portrait by Daniel Dupont

Video: “Ты да я, да мы с тобой” Татьяна и Сергей Никитины

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15 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Hola dear Elena!!!
    Què bonito cuento sobre la amistad. Què ilusiòn ver que una de mis fotos forma parte de esta bella hitoria.
    La magia de la amistad!!!!!:):):):)!!!!La magia de tu creatividad!:):)!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hola, dear Nines!!! 💖
      The magic is all yours, my dear! Your enchanting and beautiful photos, your generosity in giving me permission to use them, your support and friendship – those are the real magic and inspiration!!! 😍

      I am truly happy to read that youl like my story, and to have you visit my blog, dear Nines !!!:):):) !!! 🌹

      Wishing you a most magical and wonderful weekend, my dear friend!! 😘


  2. Uff Elena, el video y la musica merecen una menciòn especial. Me encanta la musica, me encanta la voz! Felicidades Elena!!!:):):)!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Nines! The music is from an old Russian movie, which is still popular because it has so much soul in it. There are many videos on the Internet with that song, but I thought this one would fit the best. 🙂 Besides which – I thought it would make you smile! … 🙂 🙂 😉

      Thank you so much, my dear friend ❣️ 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. That was my hope and my aim, when writing this story, dear Amanda. And I am overjoyed that you think I have succeeded! 🙂 🙂
      Wishing you a most relaxing and wonderful weekend filled with heartwarming friendship and real faerie-tales! 💖 🔮

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hola Elena.
    Fantasia, delicadeza y sentimientos primordiales se unen en este cuento. Este mundo en el que vivimos necesita mucho mas de emociones positivas que de enfrentamientos inutiles. Sigue con tu especial sensibilidad y contagia con ella a mucha gente. Muchas gracias por incluir una de mis fotografias. Hasta pronto.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hola, dear Vicente!
      I was really touched to read your beautiful comment here. 🙂 One more wonderful surprise for me! First, when you gave permission to use your fantastic photos. And now, to see that you like my story and believe it to be good – that is truly special and magical for me!!

      May your weekend be inspiring and beautiful, my friend! Just like your photos inspire the world! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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