Let the Beauty Save the World

It was late, and the magical town was asleep. Only two small faeries flew quietly through the empty streets into the forest. And what a forest it was! Gigantic trees, sweet flowers and plants constantly changed their colours and shapes. It was so beautiful, there in the moonlight, so mesmerising! But our faeries, Lily and Aurora, didn’t look around. They hurried, for there was little time.

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Return to Yggdrasill by Ole Henrik Skjelstad on 500px.com

Nestled on a narrow strip of land between two lakes the house stood on the very shores of both. Trees, mountains and skies reflected in their peaceful crystal waters.
In the morning, the splendour of the rising sun mirrored like liquid gold in the lake to the East. And in the evening the light of the setting sun would move and wreathe like living fire upon the gentle waves of the lake to the West. Indeed, the beauty of that place cannot be described in words, for it was like an amazing fairy tale […]

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